Aambalaikum Pombalaikum Lyrics Kazhugu Songs Lyrics

Song: Aambalaikum Pombalaikum
Singers: Krishnaraj, Velmurugan, Sathyan
Lyrics: Snegan

Movie: Kazhugu
Music: Yuvan
Lyrics in Thanglish
Exact translation of tamil words

Ambalaikum Pombalaikum Avasaram,
Atha Kaadhalunu Solluraanga Anaivarum..
Kathal Oru Kannamoochi Kalavaram,
Athu Eppothumae
Bothaiyana Nelavaram (2)

Appo Aanum Ponnum
Othumaiya Irunthuchu
Athu Kaadhalila Olagathayae Maranthuchu

Athu Vaazhtha Pothilum,
Illa Erantha Pothilum
Athu Pirinjathey Illa,
Athu Maranjathey Illa..

Thenam Jodi Jodiyaai,
Inga Seththu Kadakumdaa,
Atha Thookumbothellam
En Nenju Valikumdaa..

Nee Sollum
Kaadhalellam Malayeri Pochu Sikku.
Vanthu Poguthu Intha Kaadhalu

Kaadhalunu Solluraanga,
Kandapadi Suththuraanga
Dabbu Koranja,
Mabbu Koranja,
Thalli Poraanga

Kaadhal ellamae Oru Kannaamoochi,
Ithil Aanum Pennumae
Thenam Kaanaa Pochu,
Kaadhalilae Tharkulaigal
Koranje Pochu..

Ada Unmai Kaadhalae,
Illa sithappu,
Inga Oruthan Ĺ aavuraan,
Aana Oruthan Vaazhuraan..
Ada Ènnada Ulagam,
 Ithil Èththana Kalagam,
Inga Kaadhalae Paavam,
Ithu Yaar Vitta Ĺ aabham..

Ambalaikum Pømbalaikum Avasaram,
Atha Kaadhalunu Ĺ olluraanga Anaivarum..

Inniki Kaadhal Èllam
Romba Romba Maariduchu
Kanna Paakuthu Kaiya Kookuthu
Roomu Kekuthu

Èllam Mudinja Pinnum
Friendunu Ĺ ollikittu
Vaazhuravanga Romba
Perudaa Kaetupaaruda..
Ippa Kaadhal Thothutaa,
Yaarum Ĺ aavathey Illa,
Ada Onnu Thothutaa,
Rendu Irukuthu Ulla..

Ipa Èllam Devadaasu
Èvanum Illa..

Avan Pozhuthu Pokkuku
Oru Figure'ra Paakuraan,
Ava Ĺ elavu Pannathaan
Oru Loosa Thaeduraa

Rendu Perumae
Inga Poiyaa Pazhaguraa
Romba Pulichu Pochuna
Kai Kuluki Piriyiraa.. (2)
English Translation
I tried my best :)

Its lust between Boy and Girl
But people call it as LOVE
Love is a hide and seek
It’s always a
hangover state

Long ago,
 lovers lived together forever
They forget themselves in love

When loved lived,
When it died
It doesn’t separate
It doesn’t fade out

Love pairs are
found dead, daily
My heart pains,
When I dispose them

Love that you are telling
Are only in old age
Now, love is coming on
First site in a second

They are tell it as love
but wandering with lust
If no money,
once desire if fulfilled,
they separate

Love is hide and seek
Lovers get forgot
Each other in dream
Suicide attempts is less
Coz of love, now

No true love is
there now,
One is dieing today, but
Another one is living happily
What is this world?
How much disputes in it?
Here love is a sin,
Whose curse it is?

Its lust between Boy and Girl
But people call it as LOVE

Today, love has
Totally changed
Seeing eyes, hold the hands
And book rooms.

After all is over
They separate as friends
People living like that are more
Ask everyone my friend
If love is failed
No one is dying
If one love is failed
There two in them J

Now-a-days there are
no Devadas

A boy is seeing figures
For time pass
A girl, spend more
To search a loose boy

Both are having a
Lie life,
If they got bored, they
break-up with hand shake